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 I have been interested in creating characters, writing stories, acting, and having fun with my voice since I was a kid. I would watch Saturday morning cartoons and try to imitate the different characters. Mainly Pokémon. I would listen intently to each character and work on sounding exactly like them. 

 When I wasn't imitating kawaii kaijus, I would create worlds. Either by drawing, writing, playing with action figures or pretending I was some mutant or cybernetic superhero. 

 I did this for many years, even into my teens (to be honest, I still do most of them today). 

 One day, as I was drawing, I looked over at my bursting art folder and prayed about how I put so much thought into each character and create backstories for them, yet had no way to, in a sense, "bring them to life."

 I kid you not, God dropped into my heart right then and there as I was sitting on my bed, "I have a show for you."

 Since that day, I have been creating characters and writing stories for different cartoon series aimed at teens. I have also been finding ways to get prepared for, and enter, the world of television to ultimately become the executive producer of my own animated shows. 

 I took my first step when I discovered Edge Studio through a family member. It was there that I had the pleasure of meeting Jay Snyder who taught me the necessary skills to become a voice actor, with a focus on animation and cartoons. We worked on my craft and produced my very first demo.

 Since then, I have worked with different people from Hong Kong organization JGospel, where I narrated and did all the voice work for their children's story app Jonah, to helping out my friend who's looking to become a videogame developer (sadly, no links at this moment).

  I am currently non-union, and am open to working on indie/school/for-the-fun-of-it projects. Please contact me for more info.

Before you consider hiring me


 I would like to let you know some things that I will not do as they go against my relationship with Jesus Christ. I have no issues playing villains, jerks, and/or scum-of-the-earth characters; however,

  • I do NOT curse, swear, or use foul language.

  • I do NOT do XXX, NC-17, erotica, ecchi, smut, etc. content.

  • I do NOT do demonic, paranormal, magical, ghost hunting, etc. themes, unless they agree with what the Bible teaches on that/those subject(s).


Also, I am quite involved at my church, so I will not be able to record audio all day on Sundays or evenings on Wednesdays and Fridays.

  For further questions and/or clarifications, please E-mail me 

Or call me at 347-328-7087


  • Blue Yeti microphone

  • Adobe Audition

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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